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Holland lop care
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Mini lop rabbits make great pets. However, they require great care as well. If you don't have time to devote to proper care of a mini lop then you shouldn't get one. Mini lop rabbits have a tendency to be mean, biting and kicking their back feet if they're not cared for properly. A good bit of attention is required as well, since they love to show off and be noticed. If it's a male he may be aggressive, so you will need to neuter him within the first year or he may attack you, the kids or anyone he feels like attacking.

When you first get your mini lop rabbit you will think he's the cutest bunny in the world, and you will want to hold and pet him just like any other pet. However, a mini lop not like any other pet.

Holland Lop

It's a rabbit, which has a tendency to be independent, kind of like a cat. Feed your mini lop timothy hay and plain rabbit pellets without dried fruit and nuts. He also needs plenty of water, so make sure the water bottle has water at all times. Mini lop rabbits are by nature clean animals and clean themselves like cats. However, it's okay to give bunny a bath if he gets messy.

He won't like it much and will try to jump out of the sink, so prepare for this! After the bath, towel dry and brush his fur. It's also a great time to clip his nails and clean inside his ears with a cotton swab. Clip only the white part of the nail and not any of the pink area or you will injure him. To do this, wrap bunny in a towel and then lay him upside down.

Keep a good grip, as he may try to twist and jump out! Give your rabbit exercise. Like any other pet, a mini lop needs exercise. Let him run through the house and also outside to play. Keep a lookout for predators.

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Play with your mini lop and give him plenty of attention. However, not many of them like to be picked up. Sit on the floor and if bunny hops into your lap, you'll know he's in the mood for company. A mini lop's urine has a strong odor. It's best to buy a hutch that catches the droppings in a pan below so you can clean it more easily and bunny won't have to sit or lay in a mess. A bunny board is easy to find at a pet shop that carries bunny supplies. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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Skip to main content. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Cuteness. Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.The Holland Lop, as the name would suggest, was first bred in the Netherlands. The goal was to breed a miniature version of the French Lop, and this was done by breeding a French Lop with a Netherland Dwarf. Along the way, the English Lop was added in to strengthen the Lop gene.

Holland Lop

The result is the Holland Lop which we all know and love today. Holland Lops are small and compact they do have some dwarf blood in them and are characterized by the ears which hang down, a standard on lop bunnies.

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They have a stout and stocky body with defined fur sticking up on the back of their necks. They are small, weighing in between pounds and have a sweet and friendly nature. They are a favorite rabbit to have as a pet. Holland Lops are one of the easiest rabbits to care for.

Even though they have thick and dense fur, they only require basic grooming to keep their coat looking glossy and stylish. We would recommend brushing their hair once a week, though they will enjoy a good grooming if you want to do it more regularly. They also need their nails trimmed; once a month should suffice. Just make sure that you pad the bottom of the cage with something as the wires can hurt their feet if left bare.

If you have the space, then there is no reason to give your bunny as much space to run around in as possible. Make sure that the wires of the cage are crafted from metal or some other material that your bunny cannot chew through. If you have your bunny in a cage, then there should be an option for your bunny to get out and stretch its legs. A large run will allow your rabbit to play, but letting the bunny free in your home can be a better option.

Everything About the Holland Lop Rabbit

Before you do that, you need to ensure that your home is bunny-proof. Put away or cover any cords and wires. Bunnies love to chew on those, and they can pose a health risk if they chew through them. I am sure that you would rather have unchewed wires.

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A cage, or an enclosed spaceshould be an option for your bunny to retreat to when they want some alone time. They should also have a separate litter tray for when nature calls. In the warmer months, you can take your run outside so that your bunny can run around out there.

Letting your bunny free in your yard is another option if it is enclosed and there is no way for your rabbit to get out or for anything else to get in. Always stay with your bunny when they are outside. Holland Lops love Timothy hay, high-quality pellet feed, and lots of fresh drinking water. Changing the water regularly is recommended as it can become contaminated by fur, hay, and other things when the bunny is playful.

Feeding pellets and hay once a day should be enough. Treats can be given in moderation, with fresh veggies being the preferred choice. Holland Lop bunnies do not suffer from many health issues, so there is not a lot you need to do to maintain optimum health. If you take care of the small problems and have regular check-ups with the vet, then you have less chance of having to pay a hefty vet bill at some point.The Holland Lop is a breed of dwarf rabbit that weighs about 4 lbs, which is about 1.

It has a compact body shape and tends to rest on their hind legs with less weight on their two front feet. With the creation of the New Zealand and Australia the need for rabbits has significantly decreased. This has become a fantastic opportunity for breeders in North America to create a product that will allow them to maintain a profitable business. Holland Lop is one of those rare breeds that do well when breeders establish a foothold in the market. If you wish to be successful with breeders that rely heavily on domestic rabbits as their main source of income, it is critical that you take the time to learn as much as possible about the characteristics of each Holland Lop rabbit that you decide to purchase.

If you want to find success with Holland Lop rabbits, you must recognize the way that each one is raised. After all, it only by knows your choice in rabbits that you can ensure that your decision to purchase one is sound.

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There are also a few characteristics that every one of the Holland Lop rabbits that you choose should have. One trait that you should look for is a small size. Smaller rabbits will produce a better litter in comparison to a larger animal that will not get exercise. Rabbits that choose to eat grass will generally move around a lot in an attempt to search for greener pastures. In order to maintain good health care, you will want to be sure that the rabbits in your possession are pet-friendly.

An uninhibited rabbit will find opportunities to be destructive. Another thing that you should look for in a Holland Lop rabbit is its ability to resist hyperactivity. Rabbits that grow up without the interest in entertainment and quality grooming are more likely to develop hyperactivity in adulthood. You will see this firstly from the lovable hopping and trotting that they exhibit when engaged in play.

One trait that you should pay attention to is the condition of the legs of the rabbit. Rabbits that do not have strong legs are going to be far more difficult to handle. A properly cared for rabbit will display the ability to run and climb fences without any problems.

These animals have been bred for strength and durability.A man from the Netherlands named Adrian DeCock developed the breed by crossing a Netherland Dwarf buck to a French Lop doe, and developed the breed from there. The breed first appeared in America in and developed instant fame. It was quickly recognized by the ARBA and has been one of the most popular breeds for both pets and show. The original color was a dark tortoise called Madagascar, and tortoise remains the most common variety of Hollands today.

Though most Hollands you see are tort or broken tort, other fairly common colors include black, blue tort, sable point, orange, chestnut, chinchilla, frosty, and the broken versions of those varieties. The Holland Lop is supposed to have a massive look, but be an overall small sized rabbit. The standard says the ideal weight is in the 3-pound range, but breeders find their rabbits pushing the 4-pound limit as they select for thicker bone and more solid.

The head should be large and bold. The ears should be short, thick, and round in shape.

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The body should be short and muscular, with shoulders of nearly equal depth and width as the hindquarters. Properly typed Holland Lops have heads that are set high on the shoulders.

Personality wise, Holland Lops are winners! Much like their Mini Plush Lop relatives, Holland lops are docile, sweet and mellow tempered, especially when socialized at a young age with their people family. Unlike a Mini Plush Lop, Hollands do shed, about the same amount as a very small cat.

Holland Lops do not require any special grooming like English Angoras and Lionheads! The only thing that needs to be done to a Holland is an occasional nail trim. They are a very low maintenance bunny, perfect for kids and older folks.

I usually have available babies every couple of months and use a waiting list system. Pricing information can also be seen on the sales agreement page. All Holland Lops come with a birth certificate or full pedigree upon request.

Holland Lops. Purchasing a Holland Lop.In a rabbit popularity contest, the Holland Lop currently hits the top 10, maybe the top 5, and is No.

The Holland Lop was developed in Holland and over the course of more than a decade. If colors are your thing, the Holland Lop is available in a wide array.

This friendly little rabbit wins fans because of adorable looks and personality. Buy Now. Colors: Holland Lops are categorized into eight color groups for showing, with more than 30 recognized colors overall. Holland Lops dial up the cuteness factor to high. The Holland Lop weighs no more than 4 pounds and has average length, rollback fur, and the distinctive lop ears. The standard of perfection for the breed calls for Holland Lops to have a compact body type that is short, massive, and thickset.

It also specifies the ideal for the head, ears, fur, and other characteristics. Part of the charm of the Holland Lop is the variety of colors available in the breed. Numerous colors are available across several groups. Adrian de Cock, a rabbit breeder in Holland, began the process in The Holland Lop breed was recognized by the national rabbit club in the Netherlands in The breed arrived in the United States in the mids.

Since then, it has grown to be one of the most popular rabbit breeds. Individual rabbit personalities vary, but the majority of Holland Lops do share some personality traits. Holland Lops as a breed are friendly, and male Holland Lops might be friendlier than females. Does are a little shyer and can go through a nippy stage when they want to be bred, but this passes with age. They are very sweet, just not quite as animated as the bucks.

holland lop care

Holland Lop rabbits require the same care as most pet rabbits. This means offering proper diethousingand companionship. Some rabbit-specific pellets add necessary vitamins and minerals. You can also offer vegetables and limited quantities of fruit, plus some healthy treats like Hey!The Holland Lop Rabbit is a friendly, intelligent breed of domesticated rabbits that makes a fantastic pet for both people that are new to this breed and longtime rabbit owners.

The smallest of the Lop variety of rabbits, this cuddly companion weighs in at only 4lbs and has the long, adorable ears that are characteristic of Lop bunnies.

These playful bunnies love attention and make lively pets for both young children and adults. The Holland Lop originated, as the name suggests, in the Netherlands. Undeterred, he tried again by breeding the offspring of the first failed breeding with an English Lop. After a few tries, he succeeded, and so the Holland Lop was born. The Holland Lop bunny comes in a variety of recognized colors that include both solid coats and coats mixed into several patches of color.

This breed has over 15 known coat shades, including chocolate, tortoise, opal, seal, orange, fawn, and tricolor. With sturdy hind legs and a robust and compact body, jumping around is one of their favorite activity.

These lop-eared bunnies are extremely friendly and playful and will enjoy a lot of love and attention from their owners. The Holland Lops are an excellent choice for young children and new rabbit owners due to their sweet disposition, easy-going personality, with low maintenance necessities.

They should also get some one-on-one playtime with all family members to reinforce the bond they develop with their humans. Toys are welcomed and will also help them to use that energy in the right way, working their mind and having an enjoyable playtime. Overall the Holland Lop is a healthy, disease-free rabbit.

All rabbits should benefit from annual vet check-ups, but also periodically to make sure that their teeth have not grown too long for their mouths as this can be quite painful.

In addition to dental care, you should spay and neuter your rabbit. Bucks, or male rabbits, can be neutered as young as three months while does, or female rabbits, can be spayed at six months of age. A healthy Holland Lop should have a lifespan between seven and fourteen years. Generally, Holland Lops are rabbits easy to care for.

holland lop care

Holland Lops require a sturdy cage made of thick wires to spend most of their time and feel safe. For the bottom of the cage, you should choose bedding such as a thick layer of pine or spruce shavings so your bunny can rest comfortably. Bunny proofing a home is very similar to baby proofing in terms of what you want to protect them from. Nevertheless, bunnies should exercise for several hours a day, inside the house or outdoors, because they are quite active and need to consume that extra energy to live happy and healthy.

Holland Lops should have a diet consisting mostly of hay.June 13, References Approved. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery.

She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.

holland lop care

This article has been viewed 77, times. Holland Lop rabbits are the epitome of cuteness with their compact size and droopy ears. They are a small breed of rabbit only weighing between three to four pounds when fully grown. If you learn how to take care of your Holland Lop bunny properly, your bunny can lead a happy and healthy life in your home.

Additionally, provide your pet with rabbit pellets and greens, like bok choy and broccoli leaves, to meet its daily nutritional needs. For more information from our Veterinary co-author, including how to make the inside of your home safe for your rabbit, read on!

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Holland Lop Rabbit Breed

Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Set up a bunny cage. Prior to bringing your Holland Lop rabbit home, you will want to set up a cage for him or her. Look for a cage with a minimum size of one square foot per pound of full grown rabbit. For a Holland Lop rabbit, that is at least a four foot square cage.

They are very active, so make sure your rabbit has plenty of run to run around.

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